SOAR is a series of voter initiatives that require a vote of the people before agricultural land or open space areas can be rezoned for development.

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SustainVC Loopholes Promote Sprawl

SustainVC removes SOAR protections on over 1,000 acres of farmland. The backers of SustainVC say removing these protections will “help” agriculture. The “help” they are offering, however, is to let owners of agricultural land convert the land from agriculture to urban.
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SOAR – From Napa Valley to Ventura County

SOAR in Ventura County borrowed its idea from a similar initiative that was passed in Napa County in 1990. As in Ventura County, the Napa Valley initiative gave voters the right to weigh in on development of open space and agricultural lands...
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Competing Initiative Seeks to End SOAR Protections/FAQ’s

Opponents of the original SOAR effort campaigned heavily in 1998 to defeat us. Fortunately, SOAR withstood their expensive and deceptive tactics and won with a resounding 63% of the vote. This time around, these same opponents are trying a new strategy – to divide support...
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