SOAR is a series of voter initiatives that require a vote of the people before agricultural land or open space areas can be rezoned for development.

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MEASURE C Protects Our Precious Open Spaces

Ventura County’s open spaces are one of the key features that distinguish us from our neighbor to the south, Los Angeles County.
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SOAR: Doing Something Right in Ventura County

We are doing something right in Ventura County, and SOAR is a fundamental part of how we got here and what our future will look like.
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Letter to the Editor: Dust in the Wind

SOAR has as its fundamental policy goal to Save Our (Ventura County’s) Agricultural Resources. It won 63 percent of the vote countywide in 1998. There are SOAR policies in eight of 10 cities in Ventura County. The SOAR proposal on the November 2016 ballot offers the voters an opportun
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