SOAR and Measure C are grassroots, citizen-led efforts to protect Ventura County’s open space and agricultural resources. Join us in Voting YES on Measure C and NO on Measure F in November.


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SOAR and the Economics of Farm Land

There has been no shortage in the supply of economic forecasts in Ventura County leading up to the election for SOAR. The half-dozen or so economic conferences put on for real estate, banking and business groups have hammered the same theme...
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Remember ‘F’ Stands for Failure this Election

If you relocated to Ventura County because of the rural character, you can thank SOAR. It works, and we are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful counties in Southern California.
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Ventura County is Most Desirable Thanks to SOAR

SOAR is up for renewal, and will be seen on your ballot as MEASURE C. If voters approve MEASURE C, the preservation of our open space and agriculture will continue to be in the hands of the voters.
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