The Ventura County SOAR initiative (Measure C) will be accompanied on the November ballot by City SOAR initiatives in each of the communities listed below.

Click on the (+) for each community below to learn more about individual community SOAR initiatives.

The City and County SOAR measures work together to provide comprehensive, coordinated protection for open space and farmland. With all of the measures working together, neither the County Board of Supervisors nor an individual City Council can take away your right to vote on sprawl development projects.

Please be sure to vote YES on both Measure C and its city counterpart. Vote NO on Measure F, a competing initiative sponsored by large landowners and developers.

Ventura County - Yes on Measure C / No on Measure F
Camarillo - Yes on Measure J
Fillmore - Yes on Measure A / No on Measure G
Moorpark - Yes on Measure E
Oxnard - Yes on Measure L / No on Measure K
Santa Paula - Yes on Measure U
Simi Valley - Yes on Measure Z
Thousand Oaks - Yes on Measure W
Ventura - Yes on Measure P
Ojai, Port Hueneme and Unincorporated Ventura County - Yes on Measure C